Children’s Programming‭ at ICPC-Paterson and ICPC-Clifton

  • ‬Ages 3-6‭
  • ‬Must be potty trained‭
  • Activities: Quran/Stories/ Videos/Arts and Crafts
  • Time: Isha-Witr every night
  • Pricing: $5/night for first child, $2/night for each sibling
  • Location: -Clifton: Ages 3-4 – Ground Level, Ages 5-6 – 2nd Floor -Paterson: Storytime (170 Derrom Ave) -Children are expected to be picked up immediately after Salat al Witr
  • *ICPC-Clifton- Children will be brought to the 1st Floor Hallway 10 minutes after salah is over
  • *ICPC-Paterson- Children will be brought to the office 10 minutes after salah is over
  • Snacks and water will be provided.
  • *We appreciate snack donations.

Ramadan Quran Competition

General Policies:

  • Upon exiting the masjid, please be courteous to our neighbors and return
    to your vehicles quietly.
  • Please cooperate with our volunteers at all times. You may voice your
    concerns to the Ramadan Ameer or Main Office at any time.
  • In case of an emergency, remain calm and follow the instructions given.
  • Always be aware of your nearest emergency exit.
  • Please keep Masjid organized (put shoes on the shoe rack) and keep it
    cleaned (put all trash in the trash can).
  • No smoking in the surrounding area of the masjid.
  • Children are not allowed in the main Musala area during Taraweeh and
    I’tikaf. We encourage parents to register thier children in the babysitting

Parking Policies:

  • Inside parking lot is designated to the sisters up to 15 minutes before Isha
    Iqamah, thereafter it will be open to all.
  • We highly encourage carpooling as parking will be limited.
  • Adhere to all parking regulations. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Community members in violation of the parking rules will have their vehicle
    towed at their expense (double park, fire hydrants, stop signs, blocking
    driveway, etc.)
  • See parking diagrams on page 24 in the Ramadan Booklet for places to park when the masjid parking lot is at full capacity.
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