Introducing ICPC’s revolutionized way of matchmaking!
Single to Married- The Sunnah Way

ICPC Matrimonial Services realizes how complex the matchmaking process can be; from the various matchmaking apps out there to all the aunties suggestions; trying to find the right one compatible with you can be frustrating!  The need for a service has been growing exponentially and that is why we are driven to help facilitate a new way of finding your potential match.  The app and online world do not possess the level of seriousness and individualized touch which many of our applicants are seeking, which is why we are determined in providing a revamped halal platform which attracts serious, marriage minded applicants.

How does it work?

Once you complete the application and pay the subscription fee, you can email us at to request a virtual appointment to meet one on one with one of our committee members who will guide you through the search process. No apps or swiping, but a real human connection aimed at finding you the right match without compromising your security and privacy.


  • I’m very grateful for the ICPC matrimonial service which matched me with a great girl. I’m very pleased to say that we will be getting married soon inshallah. As someone who was raised in this community, I can attest to the benefits and professionalism provided by the ICPC matrimony team. I highly recommend to the single people of this community to sign up for this service and take the next step towards your futures. JAK
  • My fiancé and I would like to give a sincere thank you to Sisters Sabria and Rana from the ICPC matrimonial team. In a few weeks we will be having our wedding Insha’Allah. We are so grateful for Sister Sabria connecting us. The search for a spouse was a long journey for us. Alhameduillah with the support of the ICPC matrimonial team we have found each other. May Allah SWT reward the members of the ICPC matrimonial team for all your efforts Jazakallahu Khairan”
  • Alhamdulilah for ICPC’s matrimonial, because if it wasn’t for their help we wouldn’t have been able to meet each other. We have both been through family help,  apps, etc and we have found that ICPC’s matrimonial program is truly a blessed program. The people running the program behind the scenes work tirelessly and diligently to do what they can to help serious Muslims get in touch. They help not only through matching but also set up meetings at the masjid and provide Mahrams if you like or they can step back and let the matches handle things their own way. They spend time creating live and virtual marraige prep lectures as well. As it is quite personal, the program tends to attract serious Muslims not looking to play around. Overall, they’re helpful every step of the way to help with whatever help we could use. Through them, it was very smooth for us to meet each other in a very halal process and efficiently get to find out  that we feel confident that we were each other’s naseeb and were married after a few months from meeting. It does make a lot of natural sense. When we start to think “ok I’m ready to find someone”, why wouldn’t the first place a practicing Muslim think to go to is a reputable masjid? Thanks to their help, our duas have been answered.
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