About the game

As we strive to be a community of impact and change, we are currently implementing significant improvements to our Masjid. We’re excited to launch this competition that will give everyone a chance to win amazing prizes like a trip to Umrah or Palestine

Introducing the Ansar of ICPC, a month-long competition that gives everyone the opportunity to become a major donor to ICPC by reaching out to their networks and securing monthly pledges for ICPC.

Each pledge you gather contributes to your final score, and upon reaching certain thresholds, you become eligible for some amazing prizes.

Here’s how it works

1. Visit icpcnj.org/ansaroficpc

2. Create your personalized page and link

3. Share your link with your network

4. Ask your donors to contribute on your page to earn points

5. The daily leaderboard will be published every day before Maghrib at icpcnj.org/ansaroficpc

6. ICPC employees and board members are not eligible to participate in the game

7. Cash prizes are not available; only non-cash prizes will be awarded

8. All prizes will be distributed after 12 months

9. If donors cancel their donations at any point during the 12 months, the prize amount will be reduced from the total

How Scoring Works

Every dollar counts, whether it’s a monthly recurring donation or a one-time contribution. The value of a monthly donation will be annualized (e.g., a $100 monthly pledge will be scored as $1200 [$100×12]).

A one-time donation of $500 will count as $500

The game begins on the first night of Ramadan, March 10, 2024, and will conclude the night before Eid.

Prizes: There are three prize levels


Would you like to win a fantastic 75-inch TV? Achieve this by reaching $12,000 in total money raised. One possible path to achieve this is by getting 12 people to pledge $83 per month.


How about winning a brand-new iMac or a MacBook Pro? You can do so by reaching $24,000 in total money raised. A potential path to achieve this is by getting 24 people to pledge $83 per month.


Dreaming of winning a trip to Umrah or Palestine? Secure commitments totaling $36,000. One potential path to reach this goal is by getting 36 people to pledge $83 per month.

For more information please email us at info@icpcnj.org or call our office at 973-278-7070

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