Quran Academy

The class is being taught using engaging and effective teaching methods such as Nouraniya book, games, competitions, stories, cards, playdough, puppet shows. Students’ performances are assessed through monthly quizzes, and the scores are reported on the teachers’ website. In addition, parents are involved in periodic meetings, emails, and online signing sheet.

Students can also access additional resources at Nourania, Reading Pen Mushaf, House of Quran web, and Quran explorer.
Level I: Beginners
Course goals/Learning objectives
Nourania Session
Memorization Of Surahs | Juzu 30
Reviewing session of the memorized Surahs with Tajweed.
Story of the Quran’s revelation.
Morning & Evening Azkar
LEVEL II: Intermediate
Course goals/Learning objectives
Tajweed Rules workshop. Memorization of surah | Juzu 30 or 29.
Reviewing session of the memorized Surahs.
Story of the Quran’s revelation.
Morning & Evening Azkar
Level III: Advanced
Course goals/Learning objectives
Memorization of surah Baqarah or any selected Chapter by Sheik Abdelhamid.
Story of the Quran’s revelation.
Morning & Evening Azkar

The summer semester starts on 7/5/2022 and end on 8/11/2022

Starting July 5th to August 11th | Eid Week Off: July 11th July 15th

For Boys and girls ages 4-16 years old

Monday thru Thursday, 10 am – 1:30 pm

Price: $275 per child

Lunch will be included

For more info please email us at quranacademy@icpcnj.org

Quran Academy

Meet Quran Academy Staff

  • Shaykh Abdelhamid Askam
    Shaykh Abdelhamid Askam Quran Academy Director
  • Sumaya Amro
    Sumaya Amro Quran Academy Director
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