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A community inspired by the Quran and prophetic way


To please Allah ﷻ by serving the spiritual, educational, and communal needs of our congregants and community.

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A Community inspired by the Sunnah & the Prophetic way. Our service to our Community is the top priority and our doors at ICPC have remained open to all Community members and beyond since 1990


Education is a very important objective in a Muslim’s life and at ICPC we strive to provide an assortment of educational programs for the whole family


Allah SWT advises us that our worship is not complete without helping deeds. It is our goal at ICPC to focus our iman and our beliefs into actions of service to mankind


ICPC is committed to building bridges across different communities. It is our goal to facilitate dialogue and strengthen relationships according to the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW)

Financial Sustainability

Create a steady flow of income through efforts and activities aligned with our vision and mission to achieve financial sustainability

good words. good people.

  • Mashallah the largest center, best center, busiest center, a lot of programs and activities for all people in the community and the most important the best people always welcoming everyone. Love ICPC

    Nuha Suleiman 5 Star Reviewer, Facebook
  • ICPC is the masjid wherein I took my shahada during Ramadan 2014, that is why I love visiting this masjid. I especially love the fact that they have technology which allows me to listen to the Khutbah in English even when it is being said in Arabic. As I am still learning the Arabic language this is a major help to me

    Corey Lewis Teague 5 Star Reviewer, Facebook
  • Beautiful masjid, mashallah. Staff was very welcoming

    Alex Jaca 5 Star Reviewer, Facebook
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